Emerald School Enrollment

Please review the information below and complete all sections of the enrollment agreement form.

How to File a Complaint

Washington law requires private vocational schools to inform students how to file a complaint. By singing this form you acknowledge this process has been explained to you. Below are the next steps the school must take in discussing this policy with you, along with information about the complaint process.

Discussion About Complaint Policy Required

First, a school representative must discuss the school's complaint policy with you. Following this discussion, you will be provided with this attachment to sign. After you sign this form, the school will give you a copy for your personal records. The school will also keep a copy on file.

Acknowledgement of Complaint Process by Student

  1. The school has described the grievance and /or complaint policy to me.
  2. I understand that the policy can also be found in the school catalog.
  3. I know I should first try to solve a complaint or concern with my instructor or school administrator.
  4. I understand nothing prevents me from contacting the Workforce Board at 360-709-4600 at any time with a concern or complaint, and complaint forms are http://wtb.wa.gov/PCS Complaints.asp.
  5. I understand that I have one year to file a complaint from my last date of attendance.
  6. I further understand that in the event of a school closure, I have 60 days of attendance.
  7. I also understand that complaints are public records.
  8. Finally, I acknowledge that details about the complaint process, my rights, and any restrictions on the time I have to file a complaint can be found at http://wtb.wa.gov/PCS Complaints.asp

Notice of Financial Obligation

Washington law requires the following to be supplied to each student enrolling in a private vocational school licensed under Chapter 28C.10 RCW. One copy of this notice bearing original signatures must be attached by the school as addenda to that individual's enrollment agreement, as well as a copy provided to the enrollee by the school.

Acknowledgement by Enrollee

  1. I understand and accept that any contract for training I enter into with above named school contains legally binding obligations and responsibilities.
  2. I understand and accept that repayment obligations will be placed upon me by any loans or other financing arrangements I enter into as a means to pay for my training.
  3. I understand that any enrollment contract I enter into will not be binding or take effect for at least five days, excluding Sundays and holidays, following the last date such a contract is signed by the school and me, provided that I have not entered classes.

Registration Form

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