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Welcome to the Emerald School of Dental Assisting

Emerald School of Dental Assisting Student Graduation

To get a real sense of our 21st century learning environment, please take a moment to peruse our website. Our overall mission is to help students complete their program and find meaningful employment in exponentially less time than standard courses offered at colleges and universities.

Emerald School of Dental Assisting is a private institution of higher learning dedicated to providing educational and professional development in the career of dental assisting.  The program at The Emerald School is designed to provide you with all the training and job skills that ensure your success in your career as a dental assistant. Students will learn the latest techniques in dental assisting, chairside assisting skills, hands-on experience and infection control and treatment procedures.  Most programs are designed to have you prepared and ready for work in less than a year and we offer a dental assistant diploma and certificate of completion.

The Emerland Dental School is a pipeline that works efficiently and affordably at costs far less than other programs you may have seen in the past.

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